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Documenting Your Collection: Motives and Methods for Keeping Records of Your Collection

Keeping detailed and accurate records is an important component of any coin collector’s hobby experience. Whether your collection is large or small, focused or eclectic, this presentation will get you motivated to make order out of chaos or consider alternative ways to document your collection that will keep you engaged. Reasons for getting organized and multiple methods for documenting your collection will be presented, enabling attendees to pick and choose the motives and systems that are right for them. Incorporating photos, choosing the right backup system, and tips for staying motivated to maintain those records once you get started will also be presented for your consideration.
Instructor: Tim Ferreira

When: May 10, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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Abraded Die Varieties

Abraded Die Varieties are fascinating, collectible but all-too-often overlooked die errors. Learn why and how they happen and see examples of popular and not-so-well known examples to complete your collection. Focus will mainly be on Buffalo Nickels, although other series will be discussed.
Instructor: David Smock

When: May 13, 2021 | 1-2:00 PM MDT

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Off the Beaten Numismatic Path

The collection highlighted here was motivated by a desire to search for items that hardly anyone collects, are mostly not coins, are often eye-popping and mysterious, document history, and are a blast to show to friends. The unusual and exciting material you’ll see in this presentation comes from an ANA exhibit that was given a National Money Show Best of Show award and a World’s Fair of Money runner-up Howland Wood award. It also received the Rodger E. Hersey People’s Choice award. (If you can identify every item in the PowerPoint show before described, you are a numismatic whizz!)
Instructor: Sam Deep

When: May 18, 2021 | 12-1:00 PM MDT

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Reading Roman Coins

Historical Narration: A summary about ancient currencies, types of models, inscriptions, mint Mark, methods of minting coins and examination of coins from different eras.
Instructor: Samira Slime

When: May 21, 2021 | 1-2:00 PM MDT

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U.S. Half Cents; Designs, Dates, and Die Varieties

Half cents have long inspired numismatic writers. One quaintly called them, the “Little Half Sisters.” Why were half cents struck for circulation only intermittently between 1793 and 1857? In which years were they struck? How many different design types were there? Who designed them? Are there multiple die varieties for each year?
Instructor: Franklin Noel

When: May 24, 2021 | 1-2:00 PM MDT

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Strategies to Dispose of Your Collection NCW (2)

MONEY TALKS PRESENTATION: Many numismatists do not know what to do with their collections before they enter the “Great Misty Veil of Life.” Often, a hobbyist’s spouse and/or children are not familiar, nor the least bit interested in, numismatics. If a collector dies without a specific strategy, then his family is left with a big mess. Should you sell your collection before passing? If not, how can you help your relatives liquidate your collection upon your demise?
Presenter: Rod Gillis

When: May 24, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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Is Anything Ever Really New? Coin & Currency Déjà Vu over Two Millennia NCW (2)

MONEY TALKS PRESENTATION: History tends to repeat itself. In cultures separated by years to millennia, intriguing situations involving coins and paper currency have recurred. These include fraudulent gold-plating of minor coinage, using imagery to bolster fiat currency, and recycling cannons and shells to make spending money. Coincidence or circumstance? Tune into this talk to decide for yourself.
Presenter: Hans H. Liu, M.D.

When: May 25, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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Proof Walking Liberty Half Dollars: One of the Most Underappreciated & Undervalued Series in Numismatics NCW (2)

MONEY TALKS PRESENTATION: Adolph A. Weinman’s half-dollar design is a collector favorite. Proof versions of these pieces aren’t often discussed, as major varieties are not widely recognized by the numismatic community. Their entire run was low, yet high-grade proofs are relatively affordable. This discussion will include specific die varieties, along with some toning issues evident on many specimens.
Presenter: Ralph F. Wetterhahn

When: May 26, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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Overstrikes: Politics, Economics & Damnatio Memoriae on Byzantine Coins NCW (2)

MONEY TALKS PRESENTATION: Byzantine emperors frequently overstruck the coins of their predecessors. In some instances, this was due to economic necessity, but in others, the move shows clear ideological implications— the destruction of the memory and image of previous rulers. This presentation will explore this fascinating and under studied medieval phenomenon.
Presenter: Alex Magnolia

When: May 27, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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Coins Melted to Manufacture War Material NCW (2)

MONEY TALKS PRESENTATION: Many collectors know that coinage metals have been used to manufacture war materials, but few are aware that such items also have been melted to make coins. Coins from five countries were melted to support the United States’ effort during World War II. This presentation will explore this wartime-era coinage.
Presenter: William Myers

When: May 28, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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Oh, No It Ain’t! NCW (2)

MONEY TALKS PRESENTATION: Many people who aren’t coin collectors tend to think they’ve hit the jackpot when they find anything that looks out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and most of these purported “rare errors” turn out to be post-mint damaged coins. This presentation offers a fun and informative look at what constitutes a genuine U.S. Mint error and teaches how to distinguish these exceptional coins from near-worthless junk. Knowing the differences may potentially bring riches, but the main goal is to help attendees become better numismatists than they were before the presentation!
Presenter: Sam Gelberd

When: May 29, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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Dr. Lewis Feuchtwanger and the Numismatic Legacy of His Tokens NCW (2)

MONEY TALKS PRESENTATION: In 1837 Dr. Lewis Feuchtwanger petitioned Congress to use his “German Silver” alloy for coinage. He struck and circulated 1- and 3-cent pieces dated 1837 to bolster his case, but Congress declined. However, 20 years later, legislators “borrowed” his ideas when the Flying Eagle cent was introduced. Feuchtwanger can be considered the father of the small cent and pioneered the use of nickel in coinage.
Presenter: Brad Seidel

When: May 31, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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Colonial Currency: German East Africa NCW (2)

MONEY TALKS PRESENTATION: After the Berlin Conference of 1884-85, Germany established four colonies across Africa. The largest was German East Africa, founded by the German East Africa Company in 1885. This presentation discusses the money created for and used in the colony until the end of the German Empire in 1918.
Presenter: Doug Mudd

When: June1, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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