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ANA eLearning Academy Webinars

Enjoy online courses and lectures from fellow collectors and professional numismatists. Webinars are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Ready to dive in right away? Select a class below to enjoy one of our recorded eLearning Essentials webinars: Grading 101, Counterfeit Detection, Pricing Rare CoinsFundamental Grading Theory, and The Importance of Eye Appeal.

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Coins of the Hasmonean Kings
April 27, 12pm MT

This illustrated talk will feature the coins of the Hasmonean rulers. The Hasmonean Dynasty began in Judaea with the sons of Mattathias the Hasmonean revolting against Seleucid rule (167-160 BCE). One of his sons was Judah (nicknamed 'the Maccabee' [the hammer). The Hasmoneans struck an extensive series of bronze coins beginning with John Hyrcanus I beginning around 132 BCE and ending with Mattathias Antigonus whose lost his kingdom to Herod I in 27 BCE, three years after Herod was named King in Rome.

David Hendin is vice president and honorary curator of the American Numismatic Society. He is author of Guide to Biblical Coins 6th Edition and 16 other books as well as hundreds of numismatic articles and papers in refereed journals.

Hendin's recent awards include the 2022 Burnett Anderson Award of the ANS, ANA, and Numismatic Literary Guild; the 2022 Trustees Award of the American Numismatic Society; the 2013 Gunnar Holst Numismatic Foundation Medal of the Swedish Numismatic Society, University of Gothenburg.


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Jenny Penny's Cents: A Historical View of the Lincoln Cent
May 11, 12pm MT

Focusing on the many aspects of the Lincoln cent series 
and the numerous changes it has seen over the past 100 
years, this presentation reviews many subtopics, including the Lincoln cent’s history, design, and composition changes, as well as key rarities. Some interesting related idioms and expressions will also be discussed. 

A native of San Francisco, Jenise “Jenny Penny” Borrasso was excited when her father, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, introduced her to numismatics, and  has since developed a deep passion for Lincoln cents. A current student of the ANA’s Numismatic Diploma Program, she is on the path to becoming a  numismatic scholar.



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The Story of the U.S. Trade Dollar: 1873-1885
May 25, 12pm MT

The program is an historical overview of this non-regular U.S. Mint silver bullion dollar established by the coinage law of 1873. Topics covered include the coins origin, original purpose,  value and commerce use outside the U.S.; its legal tender status; why the counter stamp 'chop-marks; mint design, production, and mint market mintages, why both circulation and proof issues; basic grading tips; counterfeits; collector interest and values today, etc. The program concludes with the story behind the rare 1884 and 1885 proof strikes unknown to collectors until 1908. 

An ANA past president and professional educator of 
38 years, Walt Ostromecki is a prolific collector, writer, speaker, and youth-family involvement activities educator. He has received numerous top numismatic honors/awards, including ANA’s highest the Farran Zerbe in 2020 and Numismatic News Ambassador Award in 1988.


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Politics, Ego and Tragedy – A Bold Tale of Political Intrigue 
July 13, 12pm MT

Learn how coins can illustrate the history of one of greatest periods of history as the Roman Republic collapsed into chaos and Civil War during the mid-1st Century BC.

Douglas Mudd is the Curator / Director of the American Numismatic Association’s Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is responsible for developing, planning, and content of the Museum’s exhibition program and the organization and care of the ANA collections. He has created dozens of numismatic exhibits for the museum and for the ANA’s semi-annual conventions. His recent work has expanded the museum's exhibits into the virtual world of the internet including Trenches to Treaties: World War I in Remembrance and Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth which are available at



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Golden Portraits of Byzantium - Every Picture Tells a Story 
July 27, 12pm MT

The portraits on the coins of the Byzantine Empire often tell us little or nothing about the physical appearance of the Emperors and Empresses who are portrayed on the coins, but they can tell us a great deal about the Empire itself and the circumstances of the time when the coins were minted. Let's look at the stories these pictures can tell.

Michael T. Shutterly is a recovering attorney and a collector who specializes in Roman Republican, early Medieval and Byzantine coinage.  A successful exhibitor at the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money and other shows, he has written numerous articles and delivered multiple presentations on a variety of numismatic topics.  An ANA Life member, he is also a member of several national, regional and local clubs, and serves as an officer or director of several specialty organizations. 



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