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The Shippingport Ferry Token

Next to the first commercial nuclear power station in the world is a small town that had a ferry. The town still stands and the power plant is still in operation; however, the ferry is gone. The story of the Shippingport Ferry is an interesting one inasmuch as it issued a single token and operated for over 100 years only to have succumbed to fate and the inevitable march of progress.
Instructor: Lawrence Korchnak

When: April 19, 2021 | 4-5:00 PM MDT

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The Lafayette Dollar: Big, Bold & Forgotten NCW eELA Icon

The Lafayette Dollar shares a rich history as part of the classic commemorative series. Unfortunately, the coin is often overlooked when compared to its brethren. What is the reason for this? The time period in which the coin was minted? The design? The subject matter it commemorates? Join a light-hearted discussion on one of America’s most forgotten coins. National Coin Week eLearning Series!
Instructor: Rod Gillis, ANA Education Director

When: April 19, 2021 | 5-6:00 PM MDT

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The Joys of Morgan Silver Dollars NCW eELA Icon

Many collectors are awestruck by Morgan silver dollars - their size, beauty, abundant affordable examples, and different ways to collect. Learn about the designer, the different mints that produced the coin, the hiatus from 1904 to 1921, and the GSA release of primarily Carson City dollars in the early 1970s. National Coin Week eLearning Series!
Instructor: George Bazarko, Morgan Enthusiast and ANA Life Member

When: April 20, 2021 | 5-6:00 PM MDT

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Big Challenges for a Big Dollar NCW eELA Icon

Dwight D. Eisenhower was one of most bold and successful leaders in history. When a new dollar coin honoring him and the first moon landing was released in 1971 it was popular with collectors, but not without controversy. Learn the history of this iconic coin, the challenges it faced, and what to look for as a collector. National Coin Week eLearning Series!
Instructor: Andy Oskam, Numismatic Author and Educator

When: April 21, 2021 | 5-6:00 PM MDT

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The Money in Your Pocket: Before and After the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 NCW eELA Icon

The Federal Reserve Act changed United States finance and currency forever. Explore the politics of central banking in the United States, and the policy arguments leading up to the Fed's founding in 1913. Contrast what currency someone might have had in their wallet before the Fed era, and how that wallet's contents would have changed after the Fed's founding. National Coin Week eLearning Series!
Instructor: Dr. Loren Gatch, Professor of Political Science at the University of Central Oklahoma, Board of Governors of the Society of Paper Money Collectors

When: April 22, 2021 | 5-6:00 PM MDT

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Politics, Ego and Tragedy NCW eELA Icon

Gaius Julius Caesar and Marcus Junius Brutus. Two larger-than-life characters who left indelible marks on history. Their numismatic legacy incorporates several of the most famous ancient Roman coins, creating a bold illustration of the circumstances of their tragic collision that resulted in their deaths. National Coin Week eLearning Series!
Instructor: Douglas Mudd, ANA Curator and Museum Director

When: April 23, 2021 | 5-6:00 PM MDT

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National Coin Week and the ANA NCW eELA Icon

The ANA was founded 130 years ago, and has celebrated National Coin Week since 1924. Discover the history of the annual event and the ANA through objects in the collection and articles from The Numismatist. Take a tour of the ANA’s online educational resources, including virtual exhibits, videos and activities. National Coin Week eLearning Series!
Instructor: Andy Dickes, ANA Museum Specialist

When: April 24, 2021 | 5-6:00 PM MDT

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Discovering Your Coin: How to Truly Learn About The Objects You're Collecting

As collectors of coins, tokens, medals, and paper money, we all love acquiring new pieces for our collection. But to properly appreciate what you're collecting, you need to learn about it. What is the story behind this object? How much has it sold for in the past? Who else collects this, and what can I learn from them? You will walk away from this talk with solid resources and the ability to discover just how amazing your collection really is!
Instructor: Kellen Hoard

When: April 26, 2021 | 7-8:00 PM MDT

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Coins and Paper Money of the Mexican Revolución

This session will start with the end of an era, the ousting of Díaz in 1911 and the murdering of the Mexican President Madero in 1913. For two hours we will be reviewing coins and paper money of the Mexican Revolution from a seven year period, from 1913 to 1920. We will go over the main series of both, coins and paper money, while understanding the historical event that gave birth to this disparity of issues and how they were perceived by their citizens.
Instructor: Ricardo de Leon Tallavas

When: April 27, 2021 | 6-8:00 PM MDT

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Providencia - Cultural Landscape and Numismatic Heritage

Providencia is an island that served as a leprosarium for western Venezuela between 1831 and 1985. However, more than clinical history, it's a cultural landscape that meant the modification of a natural environment by a society forcibly installed on its territory, but that developed there its life and local culture, leaving a legacy reflected in buildings, stories and assets; that is the case of coins and banknotes intended solely for the use of leprosy patients. This research is based on the necessity to determine the role of Providencia as heritage of western Venezuela; it allowed to characterize the historical development, lifestyle, and restricted circulation money of the leprosarium, thereby strengthening its role as cultural heritage of Zulia state.
Instructor: Hussein Larreal

When: April 30, 2021 | 1-2:00 PM MDT

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Handwritten Promises in The Republic of Texas

This presentation takes the audience into the very personal nature of early Texas obligations, offering a rare glimpse at handwritten promises signed by such notables as Moses Austin, Ben Milam, James W. Fannin, David G. Burnet, Three Legged Willie, Almeron Dickinson. James W. Robinson, and Capt. Jack Hays of the Texas Rangers.
This is the story of how this intricate network of handwritten promises, countersigned government issues, receipts, third party payments, legal documents and slave titles fit together to expand the human side of the financial story of those men and women who lived in and died for the Republic of Texas.
Instructor: Jim Bevill

When: May 4, 2021 | 11-12:00 PM MDT

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Documenting Your Collection: Motives and Methods for Keeping Records of Your Collection

Keeping detailed and accurate records is an important component of any coin collector’s hobby experience. Whether your collection is large or small, focused or eclectic, this presentation will get you motivated to make order out of chaos or consider alternative ways to document your collection that will keep you engaged. Reasons for getting organized and multiple methods for documenting your collection will be presented, enabling attendees to pick and choose the motives and systems that are right for them. Incorporating photos, choosing the right backup system, and tips for staying motivated to maintain those records once you get started will also be presented for your consideration.
Instructor: Tim Ferreira

When: May 10, 2021 | 10-11:00 AM MDT

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Abraded Die Varieties

Abraded Die Varieties are fascinating, collectible but all-too-often overlooked die errors. Learn why and how they happen and see examples of popular and not-so-well known examples to complete your collection. Focus will mainly be on Buffalo Nickels, although other series will be discussed.
Instructor: David Smock

When: May 13, 2021 | 1-2:00 PM MDT

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Off the Beaten Numismatic Path

The collection highlighted here was motivated by a desire to search for items that hardly anyone collects, are mostly not coins, are often eye-popping and mysterious, document history, and are a blast to show to friends. The unusual and exciting material you’ll see in this presentation comes from an ANA exhibit that was given a National Money Show Best of Show award and a World’s Fair of Money runner-up Howland Wood award. It also received the Rodger E. Hersey People’s Choice award. (If you can identify every item in the PowerPoint show before described, you are a numismatic whizz!)
Instructor: Sam Deep

When: May 18, 2021 | 12-1:00 PM MDT

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Neglected Treasures: Finding Circulated Proof Coins

This e-learning class will focus on how one may discover and authenticate circulated proof coins. Many proof coins from the late 1800s circulated during the Great Depression so it’s only natural that some are fairly worn. It will also be discussed in this class the joys of collecting these neglected pieces of history.
Instructor: Noah Alpert

When: May 20, 2021 | 12-1:00 PM MDT

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Reading Roman Coins

Historical Narration: A summary about ancient currencies, types of models, inscriptions, mint Mark, methods of minting coins and examination of coins from different eras.
Instructor: Samira Slime

When: May 21, 2021 | 1-2:00 PM MDT

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U.S. Half Cents; Designs, Dates, and Die Varieties

Half cents have long inspired numismatic writers. One quaintly called them, the “Little Half Sisters.” Why were half cents struck for circulation only intermittently between 1793 and 1857? In which years were they struck? How many different design types were there? Who designed them? Are there multiple die varieties for each year?
Instructor: Franklin Noel

When: May 24, 2021 | 1-2:00 PM MDT

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