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*All NumismaTalks are recorded, and, as of April 29, 2024, will be available only to members of the ANA's eLearning Academy.

Israel Commemorative Coins by Series
July 25, 12pm MT

Israel has issued over 600 commemorative coin types, so collecting them can seem daunting. Breaking them down by series makes it easier to collect, either by specializing in certain series or creating a type set across all series. However, few catalogs organize the coins this way.

ANA Medal of Merit and Glenn Smedley Award winner Simcha Kuritzky has given numerous presentations nationally, online, and to local clubs. As president of the American Israel Numismatic Association, he is currently updating their Israel coin catalog, including some innovative ways of arranging the listings.



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LIVE from the World's Fair of Money® – Silver Coinage of the Tetrarchy: All Hail the Argenteus!
August 8, 12pm MT

Diocletian is famous for many accomplishments, one of which was the creation of the Tetrarchy. Another was the resurrection of high quality silver coins in the form of the Argenteus. Why? What was the emperor thinking? This presentation explores this question and examines the history and purpose behind the coin. The Argenteus was not only a surprising pivot back to the silver coinage of old, but it signaled an interesting shift in the art and portraiture of Roman coins. For the collector, though, the Argenteus presents a confusing array of types, mints, and rarities. This presentation will attempt to bring some order to the chaos and hopefully ignite renewed appreciation and respect for this often underappreciated coin.

Kirk Van Brunt, a lifelong collector of ancient coins, is the owner of Argenteus Rare Coins, which specializes in Roman and Greek coinage. Since his graduate school days in early Christian history, he has possessed an abiding passion for all things Diocletian and a fascination with his impact on the history of the Roman empire and the Christian church. In addition to numismatics, Kirk is a writer and recently signed a book deal with Penguin Random House Canada for his forthcoming novel. 



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Gobrecht's Ladies - Seated Liberty Coinage Past, Present and Future
August 22, 12pm MT

Liberty Seated coinage is fascinating yet often misunderstood and overlooked. In this lecture we will delve into the design history of the series including the inspiration of the Britannia motif, the symbolism of the goddess of liberty and her accoutrements using examples from ancient coinage and art. We will then pivot to the design history including the life of Christian Gobrecht and his rivalries in the mint. Finally, an overview of the series including rarities, oddities and collecting strategies.

Russ Bega began collecting US coins when he was 8 years old after a trip to his local coin shop in Northern Colorado. He was previously employed by Heritage Auction Galleries, before departing on a decade long career as a US Army Infantry Non Commissioned Officer. In 2021 he joined the Harlan J. Berk team in Chicago, IL.  His specialty is Liberty Seated coins and 19th century numismatics.



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