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Expand your numismatic knowledge with free webinars presented by top industry experts.

Join us twice a month—on the second and fourth Thursday from 12pm-1pm MT–for live webinars on all things numismatic. These free hour-long presentations are sure to appeal to a wide variety of collecting interests. Plus, all presentations are recorded. So if you can't join us for the live presentations, you'll be able to enjoy them later at your convenience.
*Recorded webinars are typically added to our YouTube page one one week or more after the presentation date.

Elongated Coins - a Mirror into U.S. and World History 

December 14, 12pm MT

In this presentation, Oded will show how elongated coins' designs are a mirror of the current events that took place in the USA and the world from 1893 to today. Elongated coins are a favorite souvenir of places and historical events. It all started with the 1893 elongated coins that were first made at the Chicago Worlds' Fair, through many other worlds' fairs, national, international, and local events. These would include Presidential elections, coin shows, humanitarian efforts and fundraisers, 9/11 commemoratives, celebrations of the lives of famous people, and up to the Coronavirus pandemic. Elongated coins have been made for all of these events, and more.

Oded Paz was born in Israel in 1963, he's been a numismatist since he can remember, sorting out coins with his father, when he returned from his numerous travels around the world. Elongated Coins have become a major part of his interests, and he currently has over 50,000 in his still growing collection. Oded served as an officer of many California, Idaho, national and international Numismatic Clubs, including the President of TEC, The Elongated Collectors.



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The History of the Jefferson Nickel 

December 28, 12pm MT

Explore the History and Design changes of the Jefferson Nickel....from its inception in 1938 to the wartime years ranging from 1942-1946. Learn about the 2004 special reverse designs, the recrafted 2005 Obverse profile and the current changes to the 2006 obverse and reverse. Let's travel this historical journey together learning about what makes this current circulating coin so special.

Jenise “Jenny Penny” Borrasso was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She was excited when her father, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, introduced her to numismatics. Starting with Lincoln cents, she developed a deep passion and love for coins. A current student of the ANA’s Numismatic Diploma Program, she is on the path to becoming a numismatic scholar. She enjoys sharing her interest in cents with friends, family, and strangers.



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Welcome to the New eLearning Academy 

January 25, 12pm MT

The education department of the ANA (American Numismatic Association) has the vision to welcome all learners by providing dynamic, engaging, relevant, and organized learning opportunities for the life-long love of numismatics. We want students of ALL ages, backgrounds, and interests to be a part of the amazing world of numismatics. Join this seminar to learn more about the exciting changes and future offerings.

Christian Strayhorn is the Education Director at the ANA.  Coming from 17 years in the education industry, she is excited to bring new tools, tips, and tricks to the world of numismatics.



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Panic of 1893 
February 8, 12pm MT

The Panic of 1893 and Its Impact on Today’s U. S. Coin Collector” (a historic analysis of arguably the worst and most widespread depression ever experienced by American citizens, and its limited coin production which created numerous “keys” for today’s U. S. coin collector).

Robert "Bob" Bair has been involved in numismatics since 1956, first as a collector, then as a coin dealer starting in 1987. As a boy growing up in northwestern Wisconsin in the 1950's he began collection coins that he received from his newspaper route, and a lifelong passion was born. Bair holds masters degrees in U.S. History (1970) and Educational Administration (1994). 



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Sovereign Money, Past, Present and Future

March 28, 12pm MT

This talk is an exploration of the history and origins of money as a form of mass media - a conveyor of meaning - and how it expresses the messages issuing authorities intend and what they tell us about the authorities. To do so, it is necessary to develop an understanding of the symbolism and written shorthand used to convey messages on coinage over time. Case studies will be used based on Roman Republican, English and early American coinage along with paper money from the 18th century to the present, ending with a short review and speculation about the future of money, including cryptocurrencies.

Douglas Mudd is the Curator / Director of the American Numismatic Association’s Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is responsible for developing, planning, and content of the Museum’s exhibition program and the organization and care of the ANA collections. He has created dozens of numismatic exhibits for the museum and for the ANA’s semi-annual conventions. His recent work has expanded the museum's exhibits into the virtual world of the internet including Trenches to Treaties: World War I in Remembrance and Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth which are available at



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