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Join us twice a month—on the second and fourth Thursday from 12pm-1pm MT–for live webinars on all things numismatic. These hour-long presentations are free to join live and are sure to appeal to a wide variety of collecting interests.  

All NumismaTalks are recorded, and, starting on April 29, 2024,will be available to members only on our eLearning Academy.

The History of the Jefferson Nickel
April 11, 12pm MT

Explore the history and design changes of the Jefferson Nickel. From its inception in 1938 to the wartime years, ranging from 1942-1946. Learn about the 2004 special reverse designs, the re-crafted 2005 obverse profile and the current changes to the 2006 obverse and reverse. Let's travel this historical journey together learning about what makes this current circulating coin so special.

Jenise "Jenny Penny" Borrasso was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She was excited when her father, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, introduced her to numismatics. Starting with Lincoln cents, she developed a deep passion and love for coins. A current student of the ANA's Numismatic Diploma Program, she is on the path to becoming a numismatic scholar. She enjoys sharing her interest in cents with friends, family, and strangers.



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National Coin Week —
Collecting Civil War Tokens: 100 Years Since Hetrich/Guttag
April 22, 5pm MT

A century since the landmark 1924 Hetrich-Guttag publication on Civil War tokens, this series is still as popular as ever. This presentation will offer a brief history of these enigmatic pieces, as well as look at the evolution of how they have been collected over the years. 

Jesse Kraft is the Resolute Americana Assistant Curator of American Numismatics at the American Numismatic Society, where his duties include coins, tokens, medals, and paper currencies from all of the Western Hemisphere. 



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National Coin Week —
Seeking Relief in Old, New, High and Low Places: The Flip Sides of Medallic Art
April 23, 5pm MT

Medallic Art is simultaneously rooted in tradition and fueled by innovation. Using the concepts of tradition and innovation as "flip sides" for our consideration, Franki will explore contemporary trends in making, commissioning and collecting medals which impacted his creative research in Numismatic Design.

Jamie Franki is an Emeritus Associate Professor of Illustration recently retired from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he coordinated the Illustration program in their Department of Art and Art History. He was also a designer in the United States Mint's Artistic Infusion Program. In 2005, his American Bison Nickel reverse design was selected for a six-month minting. This nickel was awarded a "COTY" (Coin of the Year Award) as the Most Popular World Coin of 2005. In January of 2006, his Jefferson 1800 Nickel obverse design began its long-term run gracing America's new and historic forward-facing circulating coin, with over twenty-five billion strikes in circulation thus far. In 2008 Franki designed the Order of IKKOS Medallion, the United States Olympic Committee's perpetual honor society award medal for Team USA Olympic and Paralympic coaches. In 2021, his jury-selected reverse design for the United States Air Force Silver Medal was struck and released by the US Mint. He is a member of the American Medallic Sculpture Association and an honorary lifetime member of the Charlotte Coin Club. No stranger to the Money Talks podium, Jamie has enjoyed a long consultative relationship with the American Numismatic Association, for whom he has designed and sculpted numerous medals for their World's Fair of Money® and National Money Show® conventions. 



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National Coin Week —
Women in Numismatics – The First 2,000 Years
April 24, 5pm MT

Sculptors and engravers, Mint Directors and civil servants, rulers and goddesses...women have been an integral part of the history of money. Although we are familiar with women as the subject of coins, who have we overlooked? Join us for a National Coin Week talk about famous and infamous women from 300 BC to the 21st century.

Mary Lannin is a former member of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC), first appointed in 2014 based on the recommendation of the House Minority Leader. She is a life member of both the American Numismatic Society and American Numismatic Association and a member of the Royal Numismatic Society, the Swiss Numismatic Society, the San Francisco Ancient Numismatic Society, the Pacific Coast Numismatic Society, the Chicago Coin Club and is currently serving as Vice President of the New York Numismatic Club. She has served as a member on the Board of Trustees of the American Numismatic Society since 2016.



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Sample Slabs
April 25, 12pm MT

Want a free sample? Grading services give away examples of their work at major shows to promote their products, reward customers, recognize achievements, and more. In the last 10 years, sample slabs moved from a nearly unknown specialty to the edge of the numismatic mainstream. If you have any interest in sample or grading services, or want to learn to cherrypick samples hiding in plain sight this presentation is for you.

David Schwager has written for several numismatic publications, including The Numismatist, COINage, CoinWeek and FUN Topics. He wrote the book Sample Slabs, the definitive work on this numismatic specialty. David is known as an authority on certified coin holders or slabs and often consulted in this area. David lives in Fountain Valley, California, where he is president of the Orange County Coin Club.



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National Coin Week —
Are Your Papers in Order?
April 25, 5pm MT

Increasing numbers of trade restrictions threaten to turn what should be a relaxing and educational hobby with many opportunities for people to people contacts with collectors from abroad into a bureaucratic nightmare. This lecture will highlight the issues and provide some vital information how to limit any stress when buying coins imported from abroad. 

Peter K. Tompa serves as the IAPN's Executive Director. Previously, he acted as the IAPN's outside legal counsel, advocating for fair treatment for the micro and small businesses of the numismatic trade before government regulators. He has practiced cultural property law since the 1990s and has written and lectured extensively about the subject. He is a past co-chair of the American Bar Association's Art & Cultural Heritage Law Committee. He has been an avid ancient coin collector since he first saw coins for sale while on a European family vacation in the early 1970s. He is a life member of the American Numismatic Association and the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild, as well as a Life Fellow of the American Numismatic Society. He was recently appointed as the IAPN's representative on a European Commission expert sub-group on "Dialogue with the Art Market."

This presentation is Peter Tompa's own thoughts, not necessarily those of IAPN. 



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National Coin Week —
Numismatics Online: Changing the World of Research and Collecting
April 26, 5pm MT

In recent years there have been a good number of digital resources for numismatics appearing online, many of them launched by the American Numismatic Society (ANS). In the first part of this talk, I discuss how these resources were developed at the ANS, how they function, and how they are serving to transform aspects of collecting and research. In the second part, I survey additional online resources and point to what we can expect in the years to come.

Peter van Alfen joined the ANS in 2002 to oversee the Greek cabinet, and served the Society as editor of the American Journal of Numismatics (2005-2008), editor of the ANS Magazine (2004-present), and as the (co-)director of the Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar in Numismatics (2002-2023). He has (co-)curated a number of exhibits including most recently "Art of Devastation: Medals and Posters of the Great War" with Patricia Phagan. He has taught occasional courses at New York University as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Classics. Read more:



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Introduction to Greek Coinage: Money, Civic Pride & Mass Communication
May 9, 12pm MT

Greek coinage is the ancestor of the western coinage tradition, influencing our ideas of what coins should like, how they should be used and even the imagery used on them to this day. Learn about the origins of Greek coinage, how to identify and read them and where they were produced in this wide-ranging overview of 800 years of numismatic history.

Douglas Mudd is the Curator / Director of the American Numismatic Association’s Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is responsible for developing, planning, and content of the Museum’s exhibition program and the organization and care of the ANA collections. He has created dozens of numismatic exhibits for the museum and for the ANA’s semi-annual conventions. His recent work has expanded the museum's exhibits into the virtual world of the internet including Trenches to Treaties: World War I in Remembrance and Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth which are available at



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Selected Romance Tales Within Numismatic Lore
May 23, 12pm MT

This presentation will discuss the often unusual and unbelievable juicy tales, lore, anecdotes, etc. printed in newspaper articles based solely on an individual's personal reflection/recollection and/or an unfact checked eye witness story of an event. Furthermore, some are darn right just plain made-up! The presentation was generated from Mr. Edward C. Rochette's book: The Romance of Coin Collecting, published in 1991.

An ANA past president and professional educator of 38 years, Walt Ostromecki is a prolific hobby collector, writer, speaker, and youth-family involvement activities educator. He has received numerous top numismatic honors/awards including ANA’s highest the Farran Zerbe in 2020 and Numismatic News Ambassador Award in 1988.



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Paper Money Oddities
July 11, 12pm MT

This presentation covers a variety of errors and environmental issues that can affect paper money, such as ink starvation errors, offset errors, other printing defects associated with the several steps in creating US notes, and color changelings.

Joseph Boling began collecting numismatic items in the 1950s, and is a specialist in Japanese numismatic emissions and world counterfeit paper money. He lived in Japan 1957-60 and 1983-85, first with his US Air Force father and later during his own 28-year Army career. He has also lived in Morocco, Germany, and Vietnam for a total of twelve years.

His Japanese coins were sold at auction in Hong Kong in 1989, and the most significant of the banknotes there in 2001. His Japanese bonds and shares, composing one of the world's finest private collections, were sold in 2006. His most recent book (as author) is World War II Remembered: History in Your Hands, a Numismatic Study, written with C. Frederick Schwan, 864pp, 1995. He has also edited several books, most recently Forging Secrets: Faces and Facts Inside the Nazi Operation Bernhard Scheme, for which he also wrote the technical chapter.

Colonel Boling has been the ANA’s chief exhibit judge for 26 of the past 33 years. He has trained ANA judges since 1986. He has taught at the ANA’s summer seminar since 1999, teaching, co-teaching, or guest lecturing in over a dozen courses. In 2007 the ANA Goodfellows established the Joseph E. Boling Award for Excellence in Judging, now awarded annually to a judge selected by the ANA chief judge and a representative of the Goodfellows. He was elected to the ANA’s Hall of Fame in 2023.



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